Samsung Exynos 5250 Dual-Core ProcessorLast Wednesday Samsung revealed the Exynos 5250, armed with two 2GHz ARM Cortex-A15 processors, in the most recent system on a chip (SoC) from the company. Samsung’s previous top SoC product was twin 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processors.

The Exynos 5250, though, is designed to target higher end tablets, offers nearly twice the punch of the old pair. Samsung targets the second quarter of 2012 for mass producing the Exynos 5250.

The graphics production of the 5250, rumored to be derived from the faster GPU, the ARM Mali-T604 or T658, is more than four times that of the former Cortex-A9’s, and the 5250 yields the industry’s first ultra-high resolution WQXGA at 2560 x 1600 screen resolution. 3D stereoscopic displays will be supported as well.

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