Samsung Series 9S LaptopA year ago Samsung unveiled a new series of laptops known as the Series 9 laptop at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011. These incredibly thin laptops are known as ultrabooks became popular ever since their first release. Now every major laptop manufacturer is producing ultrabooks this year for the CES 2012, and Samsung is adding to the collection as well.

Revisiting their original Series 9 laptops Samsung decided to spice the collection up with two new Series 9 laptops. These two are not actually termed “ultrabooks” however they are incredibly thin and weigh next to nothing. The two laptops are a 13.3 inch and a 15 inch laptop. The 13.3 inch model weighs just 2.5 pounds while the 15 inch model weighs only one pound more.

These two new Series 9 laptops boast beautiful dark aluminum cases that make them sleek, lightweight, and incredibly durable. Additionally Samsung is using a new trick that will delight customers: fitting a larger display on a smaller chassis. Their 15 inch display model is set in a 14 inch chassis while the other 13.3 inch display is fit on a 12 inch chassis.

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