Haier Tabot Robot VacuumToday, we’re going to speak about an exciting smart cleaning device called Haier Tabot and I’m sure it will be appealing for some of you. It’s no wonder we’re living in a crazy tech world and we have all marveled at the cleaning droids that were in Star Trek; floating effortlessly across a room, leaving not a speck of dirt behind.

Similarly, many technology enthusiasts have been amazed by the development that is taking place in the robotic vacuum cleaning industry in the past few years. These ‘Roombas’ and ‘RoboRocks’ have the ability to free up a room from dust without any human effort at all.

Yet, Tabot, a sub-brand of the famous Haier company, has come up with an innovation that is on route to ‘spice’ up the industry and make our lives even easier. Their original goal was to raise $5000. This goal was obliterated (to put it punctually) with massive funding of more than $400,000. They are currently in the production phase of their prototype.

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