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Project Ara set to be released to consumers in 2017

Google Project AraGoogle are aiming to disrupt the smartphone game with Project Ara. Being announced some time ago before disappearing, Project Ara is back. This device will be a customizable smartphone. Google have been able to work through some of the issues and release a version for testing later this year. It is hoped that a version for consumers will be available next year.

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Motorola will develop modular smartphones through Project Ara

  • 29/10/2013 at 16:12 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Technology

Motorola Project Ara Modular SmartphonesWhat was just a fictional project months ago, it might become reality soon. Project Ara, an open source initiative led by Motorola’s Advanced Technology and Projects group aims to develop modular smartphones.

Even if the project it’s led by Motorola is more than clear that Google is behind this. It appears that Google/Motorola liked Dave Hakkens idea with Phonebloks and decided to partnered with him. Motorola started to work on this Project Ara one year ago, while Dave Hakkens Phonebloks idea emerged nearly 2 months ago, at the beginning of spring.

The design is simple: Project Ara needs an endoskeleton and modules. The endoskeleton is the main frame that holds the rest of the modules in place. As Motorola says, modules can be anything, from a processor to a display, keyboard, battery and so on.

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