Amazon Kindle Fire $199Just a few days ago Amazon finally released the Kindle Fire. This new tablet was eagerly awaited by tablet readers and electronic lovers alike due to the wide range of features it had. On the day of its announcement Amazon’s main competition, the Nook by Barnes & Noble, took a huge hit on their stocks with a 7% decrease in just one day. Ever since the announcement rumors and specs about the Kindle Fire have been flying around the internet and the release has been long awaited to confirm and deny the rumors.

One of the rumors that had been circulating the web like wildfire was that the Kindle Fire cost Amazon more to make than they were selling it for! This crazy speculation was doubted by many but there was still a strong support for it due to the fact that the cost of the tablet was only $199.  Now that all of the nitty gritty details have been released however, we can confirm that the rumor about the cost of production was indeed true!

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