Smartphone SpyThe London Metropolitan Police now have a method for snatching data from the phone of a suspect they have taken into custody. It includes all kinds of fun stuff, like contacts, call history, and sms’. The catch is that even if no charges are brought against the individual, the data will remain as “evidence”. It is unclear what this evidence is for without a crime or charges.

Already the method is employed in 16 boroughs throughout the London area and stands on the brink of a uniform use across the UK. One group, Privacy International, stands opposed to it, saying it is an offense against human rights laws, though which laws were not stated.

The old way the police used to retrieve information of the phones of suspects was by sending the phone off to forensics. They often had to wait for weeks to see the fruit. Now there are terminals designed specifically for the extraction that the officers will use to connect the mobile and print the data and save it to digital format in records.

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