Palm Pixi Plus and Pre PlusPalm, a company HP recently bought for about 1.2 billion, will release this month two upgrade models for Pixi and Pre mobile phones. Palm Pixi was a model we’ve analysed in the past and we weren’t so happy that time as it lacked Wi-Fi connectivity, but the good news was WebOS and the 600 Mhz Qualcomm processor. Is useless to say that the revamped models have the “Plus” word at the end, but at least let’s hope they’ll will bring a + comparing with previous ones.

Pixi Plus comes with the same look and feel the Pixi model has, the only difference it’s on the weight: Pixi Plus has almost 108 grams, while Pixi had just 100 grams. We cannot discuss too much about Pixi Plus because Wi-Fi support is the only important thing that this model has against his old ancestor.

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