LG Optimus VuA week ago LG Optimus Vu phone was announced. It is a smart “phone” some would say, however its most noteable feature is its significant size, which makes it just a tad smaller than a tablet. With many users fawning over the new size and many more criticizing it, it is hard to say whats the overall oppinion regarding the increased size of Optimus Vu.

This phone is just a tad shorter than the Samsung Galaxy Note, but is still significantly larger than an iPhone, having 5-inches wide. Apparently, the new Vu will be wider than the Note which will make it even bulkier for people to handle. If it’s not a phone or tablet, because his size this device should be named phablet.

So how does handling a larger smart phone feel? Well, those who have tested out the Note have been mixed however many who initially dislike it become very accustomed to it and say it feels quite natural. Fortunately, those who may not really like the size of the new LG Vu will definitely like its other features.

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