Apple LogoInvestors are begging Apple to pay dividends from its huge stash of cash. With billions in reserve for that rainy day, Apple is playing the game the same way Steve Jobs would have had them play it. This is the fortitude that took them to the top.

Finance chief Peter Oppenheimer is refusing to release a dime in dividends. This same request has been made ad nauseum, but Oppenheimer, in the spriti of Jobs, is keeping the cash for the next opportunities to arise. With stocks twice as high as the previous year, Oppenheimer made the pointed argument that they have this cash exactly because of this mentality. The cash and investments Apple holds are worth $76.2 billion.

The call to open the coffers comes only days after the death of Steve Jobs. However, he saved Apple from bankruptcy and took it to the pinnacle of the most valuable tech company in the world, and even the most valuable company in the world – beating Exxon for one week.

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