LG Optimus S and Optimus TLG announced this week two new mobile phone devices: Optimus S and Optimus T. Each phone is built for a specified career and that’s why there are two and not one: Optimus S is built for Sprint, while Optimus T is made for T-Mobile. Beside these and some design parts, these phones are the same if we analyze there specifications. The HVGA screen has 3.2-inches, 256k colors and supports an 320 x 480 pixels resolution.  Accelerometer and proximity sensors are supported as well as swype text input feature.

The camera has 3.2 megapixel, 2x digital zoom, autofocus, but no LED flash. Optimus S and Optimus T will have 512 MB of RAM, 512MB of ROM and will support mobile hotspot function(up to five devices).

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