SOPA DENIEDThe continued outrage for SOPA was only fueled when protesters saw multiple companies not only complying with the bill but actually listing their support for it. These companies are not thinking about how devastating this act will be if it passes, they are not sympathetic to the fact that this act will enable the government and other private parties the ability to bypass the due process and effectively decimate any site accused of copyright infringement. SOPA will forever change how you use the Internet and it will have lasting effects. Fortunately a lot of important companies are against SOPA: AOL, eBay(+PayPal), Facebook, Google, GoDaddy, LinkedIn, Mozilla, Reddit, Torrentfreak, Tumblr, Twitter, TechCrunch, ESET, 4chan, HostGator, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Kaspersky, Craiglist and The Huffington Post.

So what is SOPA exactly?

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