LG Nitro HDLG is far from the top of anyone’s list when it comes to great smartphone companies. It has been a long time since they have done anything noteworthy with phones. Now the company wants to re-invent itself by designing and releasing the Nitro HD.

LG has not put itself on the line with a new smartphone flagship product in such a long time. Yet, they are taking the risk to try to re-enter the market with a bit of a punch this time, in the form of the Nitro HD smartphone.

The Nitro HD sells for $249.99, when a contract is signed. This is a rarity among phones. It is AT&T’s first phone equipped with a 720p display. It is also among the only three phones in the world that can utilize the AT&T LTE network. That having been said, the specs are more than adequate, but the phone itself really required more care before releasing on the public.

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