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Finally! Amazon Prime launches new music service

Amazon Prime MusicAmazon Prime users rejoice! There is now an additional feature with your membership that will allow you to access the site’s music library for free. This adds to the list of services that includes free two-day shipping, free ebook lending, and free movies and TV shows.

Music services are becoming ever more popular. Sites like 8Tracks allow you to listen to user-created playlists. Pandora and IHeartRadio provide live streaming. Now Amazon is trying to muscle in on both, providing access to their music library to stream, as well as offering playlists for members who want to stay within a specific genre.

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VEVO have big plans for the Future

Vevo LogoA few years ago music videos were everywhere; literally. Not only were they being rapidly pirated, but they were also being distributed by countless people and there was very little monetization of them. That’s when two big names in the recording industry (Sony and Universal) teamed up to create VEVO.

VEVO was created about two years ago with one purpose in mind – music videos. It began launching videos on the ever popular YouTube and monetized their videos with ads that were on the first run of videos (YouTube got ads on afterwards). VEVO has also expanded past YouTube and distributed music videos on other places such as Xbox Live.

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