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Microsoft to rebrand their new Metro Interface

  • 03/08/2012 at 21:03 by It's a Gadget Staff
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Windows 8 MetroIt looks like Facebook isn’t the only company that is having a rough week. While not an issue with financials or losing talent Microsoft has had to make a couple changes to avoid legal problems. Microsoft has been touting their new tiled interface to their operating system’s interface known as Metro all year.

Metro is the future that Microsoft has been gambling on for changing the playing field. It is set to tie all of their devices together: mobile, tablets, gaming, PC’s, Office, etc. Today though Microsoft has announced that Metro is no more! No more in name at least, it looks as if one of Microsoft’s partners were not happy with the name that’s been being used for the past year and it’s time for them to change that or deal with legal ramifications.

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Build Conference 2011 Unveiled all about Windows 8 OS

Microsoft BUILD ConferenceMicrosoft has had us sitting on pins and needles awaiting version 8 of their historic Operating System. They have revealed tidbits of information about it over the last months, but now the cat is out of the bag. The 2011 Build Conference in Anaheim from the 13-16th September put Windows 8 into the hands of developers, and of course gave the world a glimpse of what is to come.

Windows 8 gives the user two modes to use it. The first is centered around touch control, especially designed for tablets. The second is the traditional desktop mode. Supposedly, you will be able to easily flip back and forth between the two.

The first cool thing you run into is at the unlock screen. You can use a password or you can use a custom picture combined with three personalized gestures over the top of that picture. Now this is a leap forward. The other shock is that there is no Start Menu and there are no longer any icons. You are faced with the Start screen after logging in.

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