Laser ChipTechnology is speeding up at such a rapid rate it’s truly phenomenal. Antiquated dialup Internet has quickly progressed into High Speed, and the computers themselves have gone from a 10 minute start up, to starting up in just a few seconds. Phones now possess the power not just to receive calls, but to browse the net, stream movies, and much more. Today, the technology of tomorrow is being thought of, developed, and tested. Concepts that may seem outlandish and impossible are already in the works – concepts such as smart homes, Power Felt fabric, and laser powered chip for your computer.

On the table for discussion today is the laser chip, and not just any laser chip mind you, a computer chip from HP that will have 256 microprocessors connected with beams of light! All of these little processors working together will make this laser powered chip capable of handling 10 trillion point operations per second meaning just five combined chips will equate to the speed of current supercomputers (so really, really fast).

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