Working at PCPerhaps when you think about geeks the first thing that comes to mind is eyeglasses and a computer or a pile of books and a chalk board full of equations. However man’s wisdom goes even further and one interesting area to study is language.

The language – that is any language – is filled with different figures of speech and one of the most famous ones is the metaphor. The issue with metaphors is that a word could mean something to one culture and a completely different thing to another culture. And as you may have experienced, computers and software are able to detect spelling and grammar; they are able to differentiate a verb from a noun yet figures of speech are something totally different.

This has caught the attention of the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity – or simply IARPA – and has set the goal to put together a humongous database of all kinds of metaphors. In order to achieve this, they are reaching out to universities as well as businesses to help them with the task.

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