Apple iWallet PatentThe iconic iProducts (iPhone, iPod, iTunes, etc.) are branded with an unmistakable name and they all become integral parts of the technology world – changing both technology and consumers alike. As the years have gone on Apple has continued to produce devices and offer services that make life easier and more convenient. The last new product were the iPad’s which became status symbols held by those savvy and well-off individuals that could afford them, but now according to patentlyapple, something new is on its way that might be interesting: the iWallet!

Back in May of 2010, Apple got a patent for a new thing called iWallet and since that first patent, there have been many more patents related to the iWallet, but none like the one discovered this week. This patent is massive and it deals with credit card companies sending card statements directly to a user’s iTunes account. Yes, you can definitely say this new patent is a game changer.

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