Wanted PatentsIn this day and age it is important to protect both intellectual and physical property by obtaining patents. With larger businesses these patents are often infringed upon by competition and that then sparks a lawsuit in which the situation is resolved. Unfortunately, the overabundance of patents has made it treacherous grounds for any company and one business, known as Intellectual Ventures, makes it their mission to obtain patents and to gather money by suing all who have infringed upon it, Business Insider reports.

While many would agree that everyone has a right to protect their ideas and inventions, the problem with patent trolls is that these patents are on such minute features that it becomes almost laughable – though I’m sure the company being sued wouldn’t agree. Since the nature of the patents are often really trivial in nature the term “patent troll” is often applied to those companies and individuals who excessively exercise their patent rights. So what exactly is Intellectual Ventures doing patent trolling? Let’s find out!

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