Apple LogoIndia isn’t buying smartphones. Apple is out, BlackBerry is in. India accounts for over 600 million active subscribers. Apple’s appeal strikes Norwegians more than Indians. Nokia and RIM are tapping into the gold of the world’s second biggest market for mobile technology, since the growth rate in India is as big as 70% annually over the next 4 years. That translates to these companies recovering some of their losses to Apple in America and Europe.

One opinion, posed by an analyst in Toronto, suggests that the wireless carriers of India are too slow at offering 3G nationwide and that this nullifies the advantages of iPhone features. On the other hand, RIM has just the right timing with the perfect product for the situation.

Indian analysts tell that the reason for the rejection of Apple is that most networks in India are still 2G and the main advantages of Apple lie in the 3G networks. A measly 0.2% of the world’s iPads were delivered onto the Indian market.

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