Acer Iconia W500 Now when the crowd is busy with the iOS vs. Android, Acer is busy releasing a new approach to the tablet computers market: Iconia W500. This Windows 7 tablet takes a completely different attempt to be the best alternative of the traditional notebooks and netbooks. The 1 GHz AMD Fusion processor is also another thing that makes this tablet completely different from the other tablets.

Still if your complain is about the on screen keyboard of this tablet, then you have a great alternative to that: a docking station with a keyboard is all that you need to convert it to a complete Windows 7 laptop. Besides this, the keyboard also includes a pair of USB ports onĀ  every side. The connection of the tablet with the dock is not something complex as it is actually connected through the USB port. About the design, the only complain you can make is the weight as it weighs around 950 grams and is bit of heavy to hold it with a single hand.

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