Apple and HuluThe second most valuable corporation in the world, Apple Inc., is looking to spend some of its $76 billion on Hulu, the online TV streaming service. There has been no official announcement of an offer, but two insiders have leaked it. Hulu is owned by News Corp, Comcast, and Walt Disney.

The advantages to Apple would be a competitive product to face off with Netflix, through a new subscription service. To sweeten the deal, five years of program rights would be tacked on, with exclusive rights extended to two years.

Some analysts suggest that Apple must invest in video in order to secure their future. Bloomberg says that for Hulu they may have to sink more than $2 billion into the deal, but the whole idea is contrary to Appleā€™s phobia toward large acquisitions. NeXT Software was the largest deal Apple has ever made, at $400 million. It was the clencher for putting Steve Jobs back on the Apple throne back in 1996.

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