D-Link DIR 657 RouterA router is all about performance so let us begin with the fact that D-Link DIR-657 was not an eye-popper, but it was good enough. A throughput test at close range yielded 60Mbps and that translates to 500MB transmitted within only 67 seconds. This is 20% better than the DIR-655. Under long range tests at 100 feet separation from the client machine, the speed dropped to 39Mbps.

In a third test at close range, where it was configured to communicate with Wireless-N and legacy clients the speed fell at 43Mbps. The maximum functional range for the DIR-657 was 200 feet, though it fairs best at under 100 feet. In spite of these less than spectacular speeds, the signal proved very stable, surviving for 48 hours under stress without a blip.

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