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Microsoft has Google Glass alternative in the works

MicrosoftThough Google Glass is still a prototype style product, Microsoft is wanting to get in on the action. Sources close to the WSJ say they have been contacting manufacturers in Asia about various components for their own version of the wearable technology.

According to someone at the company who has remained unnamed in media reports, Microsoft has been ordering in the parts necessary for a pair of computing eye wear.

However, they seem to be realistic about the prototype. Chances are it will never see beyond the initial development stage, and probably won’t be mass produced for the consumer market.

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GlassUp, an interesting cheap Google Glass alternative

GlassUpThose who thought Google Glass was the first release in the technology have obviously never heard of GlassUp. But now that the issue has become more mainstream, word is getting around that they could be the alternative to the more pricey Glass.

Originally created two years before Google Glass, it is a less feature heavy version of the wearable computer. It was the brain child of Francesco Giartosio, Gianluigi Tregnaghi and Andrea Tellatin. All three had backgrounds in wearable technology, such as displays for interactive pilot visors and smart watches. Together, they released a product that combines with a smartphone to let you control tools and content within the lenses of a pair of glasses.

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