Samsung Galaxy BeamGalaxy Beam phone was officially announced at the Mobile World Congress 2012 by Samsung during a press event. Despite taking quite a few features from previous Galaxy phones, the Galaxy Beam is completely unique than all of the preceeding models: it is a projector phone.

This phone has a built in projector at the top and allows users to project multimedia on solid surfaces such as walls, countertops, tables, and anything else flat and solid. Whether the users want to share photos, watch videos, look at maps, or view any other type of media, this phone allows them to do so! No more huddling around a tiny screen, or passing around the phone to see the pictures – the Beam revolutionizes how mobile users share and view media thanks to the extra bright 15 lumens projector.

JK Shin, the president of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung, said: “GALAXY Beam provides mobile freedom, enabling a unique shared experience around digital content for everyone—anywhere and instantly—from a smartphone as slim and portable as any on the market”.

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