Apple LogoAlthough Jobs confessed he wanted to obliterate Android for duplicating Apple’s inventions, Apple is now seeking clarification regarding interpretation of how industry critical patents are managed.

In a letter reported by the Wall Street Journal, to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), Apple requested consistency and transparency in the process of applying intellectual property licensing rules.

Samsung and Motorola are Apple’s chief concerns, due to a joint suit focusing on “essential” patents. The letter from Apple has already been posted on the Foss Patents blog. Fraud principles comprise the body of the argument. These pertain to the licensing agreement of key technologies of any commonly acknowledged standard. Examples include MP3 and 3G, the licensing of which is tied to fair, reasonable, and terms that are without discrimination. Any companies that enter into this agreement by signing, cannot exclude anyone from taking advantage of their creation, if they receive a fee that is not excessive.

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