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Google vows to end Android Fragmentation with Project Treble

  • 14/05/2017 at 23:27 by It's a Gadget Staff
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Android LogoAndroid users have long had an issue with updates for their phones, something that Google has not found a way to fix despite all its efforts. Now, it looks like Google might finally have an answer to the problem of Android fragmentation called Project Treble.

What’s happened to Google is that the updating of Android OS is not very good. The newest version, Nougat, is only on 7% of all Android phones. More users are using Jelly Bean, meaning that any new features or functions that app developers can utilize are kind of useless. Also, if you think about the recent ransomware attack on Windows PC, it is important for users to have the latest updates for their security.

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The real face of Android Fragmentation

OpenSignal Android FragmentationThe world of Android is fragmented into many companies, smartphones and devices. There are devices that connect to televisions and monitors, like the Remix on Kickstarter, which use Android as a desktop OS. The issue with the fragmentation has been how to get the apps to work on the different devices. Not all Android smartphones are the same.

The range of specs of each device is at the highest and lowest levels, the various versions of Android use different APIs that are tricky for developers and screen size changed dramatically in smartphones and tablets. If a developer can get their app to work on any Android device, then the number of users they’re capable of getting is immense.

Google’s Android OS is in many smartphones and tablets across the world. Apple restricts its iOS to only Apple devices, and Microsoft’s Windows mobile OS is yet to do much for consumers or the company. High-end companies like Samsung rely on Android heavily, putting their flagship models in the hands of Android designers.

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