Motorola Droid BionicFACT: If Motorola could have released DROID BIONIC in the first quarter of 2011, it would have been a big hit. But this gadget is more a thing of hide-and-seek than a phone ready for held. After an announcement in January 5th at CES 2011, it appeared for a very short time in Amazon before vanishing off of the booth in January 31st, with a heavenly price tag of $150. However, this device indeed has what it takes to be the smartest handset.

Motorola DROID BIONIC handles all computing with a memory of 512 RAM and a double core processor which produces a total processing power of 2 GHz. Such great power and speed are capable of delivering quality experiences in mobile Internet, multimedia, multiplayer gaming, and corporate productivity. The most compelling feature is indeed the phone’s capability to deliver the new 4G LTE technology. 4G LTE technology, which is Verizon Wireless’ newest data service for the US, makes it possible for the user to experience mobile Internet with a speed of up to 10 times faster than the now popular 3G.

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