iOS Tapose AppA handful of executives who had worked on Microsoft’s dead project, Courier, have converted to become workers at companies that produce the same technology for Apple tablets. Now the dual-screen tablet technology is alive and kicking in iPad land. The team that once made up Courier at Microsoft are responsible for it vitality.

Just take FiftyThree Inc and Tapose as examples. The former has a few ex-Courier personnel, along with Xbox guys, developing and designing the app called Paper. The latter is headed by J. Allard, also a former Courier slave, now set free to do as he wishes in Apple land.

Courier’s target was to become an app to give dual screen capabilities to tablets. Up till 2010 it was sanctioned by Microsoft, who then cut it loose. Pioneer Studios also faltered in the wake, around May 2011. They had been responsible for such hits as Mobile, Zune, and Xbox consumer experiences.

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