ARM Cortex M0Plus ProcessorThe leader in the processor industry, ARM, has been producing a wide array of microprocessors since 1990. Today, they have made it public that they will be releasing the ARM® Cortex™-M0+ processor, which happens to be the most efficient processor in the world regarding energy.

What makes the Cortex™-M0+ so effective is the fact that it has been completely enhanced to work with low levels of power, and also consume low-cost MCUs as well as the use of smart control systems. Being the latest item added to the collection, the Cortex makes use of about 33% of what a regular 16-bit processor puts to use when functioning. On top of that, it has the capability of raising the bar for the performance level, which is also better than that of a regular 16-bit or 8-bit processor.

With the Cortex™-M0+ now available, consumers will have the opportunity to upgrade to 32-bit devices, since they will be able to improve the overall performance of their devices without having to give up power or any other feature.

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