Samsung ContiuumSome may call it just another Verizon-exclusive Android smartphone, but there is a little difference which has separated Samsung Continuum from the others. It’s the 1.8 inch ticker screen, a display which is separated and independent from the main display. It will show you updates like time, weather, text messages, emails, SNS notifications, news out of the box and later an API for third-party apps will be available. You can also use the ticker as a dock for apps and shortcuts.

There is a grip sensor on the sides of the phone which will light up the ticker display whenever you touch it. So you do not have to unlock it every time you want to check for alerts or the time.

Another great thing is that the big display will remain inactive while the ticker show the updates and this will be a great saver for the battery life. You can also control your media player with the ticker by keeping the giant display dormant.

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