Chrome for AndroidGoogle’s Chrome browser, the rising star among all browsers, has finally come to Android. The catch is that you must be running Ice Cream Sandwich. The great thing is that it is fast, has spiffy transitions, intuitive tabbing, and synchronizing of everything, whether that is a plus or a minus.

Chrome hit the scene in 2008 and has received rave reviews ever since. The puzzling thing is why it has not been available for Android earlier. They are both Google products and both successes. Strange, but true.

Android has a trimmed down version of Chrome as its native browser, and they share a codebase, but it is nothing like the real thing. So getting the authentic Chrome for Android is a real treat.

Since Google Chrome only runs on Android 4.0+, many Android devices are excluded from the joy. Currently, the devices that are capable of running Chrome include Transformer Prime, Xoom, Galaxy Nexus, and Nexus S. The reason for this limitation on the version of Android is clearly due to the hardware acceleration feature built into the latest edition of the operating system.

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