MPAA vs MegaUploadWe’ve all been following the story behind Megaupload’s shutdown in January of the current year, and the lawsuits followed through by the MPAA. Recently, Hollywood has requested a judge to keep all the information that has been stored by the website, which would equal to the data of about 66.6 million users.

Megaupload has all the data stored in the servers that are hosted by a company called Carpathia Hosting, Inc. The MPAA is asking for the hosting company to retain the entire information, which mounts up to be about 25 petabytes. All of this was uploaded by the users who had accounts with Megaupload. Such request came in after the new court filing conducted by the MPAA, which have stated that the data in the servers is linked to the copyright violations carried out by the site.

Moreover, the Motion Picture Association of America has declared that they want to be in possession – or at least have access – to the data, since they may be carrying out a lawsuit against Megaupload and other parties. This has raised the concern that Megaupload users may be affected by this, but the MPAA VP has stated that they won’t go after the users.

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