sony-ericsson-c903Sony Ericsson C903 seems to be the perfect  phone for ladies: red, elegant, slider kind, advanced camera are the advantages that will count in your bag.

Display and Design

Phone comes with a 2.4″ QVGA display with 256K colors and supports accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate. Also the display is scratch resistant.

Under the display are the well known navigation keys and the D-pad, situated between Call and End keys.

When you slide the phone up, you will discover the alphanumeric keyboard which comes with thin metallic ridges between rows to ensure better navigation and orientation.

On the right side of the phone we will find the volume rocker and the shutter key while on the left side is the M2 card slot(supports up to 8GB) space and the loudspeaker grill. The top of the phone has no button and on the bottom we only find a small sliding switch which locks/unlocks the battery cover.

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