Chip ComputerC.H.I.P. is a $9 portable computer that can do a range of things a computer does. Designed as a chip, it contains a process, RAM and storage space to allow for a range of uses, like a computer would. It is able to use Libre Office, play games, connect to the Internet and use other application preinstalled in C.H.I.P.

The processor is 1GHz, with 512mb RAM and 4GB storage with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth included. Using the Bluetooth capabilities, users are able to connect their mouse and keyboard to C.H.I.P. and do their work, studies or procrastinate online. It is small, and has peripherals that can add-on, such as a VGA or HDMI add-on to connect to any screen. A Pocket C.H.I.P. turns the chip into a handheld computer with QWERTY keyboard and 4.3” touchscreen.

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