US Intelligence Black Budget LeakEdward Snowden has once again released crucial documents showing the United States efforts to spy on citizens from around the world. This time the leak shows the astonishing $52.6 billion dollar price tag for PRISM and other connected programs.

A release is offered in a presentation that breaks down the black budget into different agencies, showing who got what and for what purposes. It also shows who spends the most money based on the five main agencies and other departments, what categories take the most money, the thirty-two different types of spending, and accompanies a leak of 178 pages of documents offering more details.

This black budget leak was pretty much wide reaching with no concern for filters. But The Washington Post agreed not to publish all information, due to ongoing missions and covert actions that could put agents and cases at risk. Only the summary has been posted, but it is enough to give quite a look at operations.

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