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Apple admits iPhone 4 antenna issue and will give free cases

iPhone 4 Free BumpersYesterday at Cupertino, California Apple gathered the press to hold up a conference where Steve Jobs will discuss one of the hottest issue: iPhone 4 Antenna Problem.

The conference begun in Apple way: “We are not perfect” “We want to make all our users happy”, said Steve.

Then Steve admit that antenna issue is real, but this problem is on all smartphones(Nokia, BlackBerry, HTC, Samsung). This thing may be possible, but why is Apple quoting other companies when they should have mind their own problem and solve it !? We think Apple point of view was shameless regarding this issue.

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Proof: iPhone 4 has antenna problems

iPhone 4 Antenna IssueA big issue hits every iPhone 4 owner this period: signal strength. Most of the experts(except Apple ones) claim that this is caused by the magnetic band. How this happens? We’ll give you some proofs.

Reports say that when you hold iPhone 4 in your left hand, you will experience signal loss problem. On the left side of the phone is a little space in the magnetic band and when this is covered the strength of the signal is weakened or lost.

Further more, a conversation between an Apple user and Steve Jobs was these days discussed and featured all over the Internet. The user told Steve that Apple should be ashamed by the signal performance of iPhone 4. Users mock about it, saying that it’s impossible to make a call without dropping. Steve replied arrogantly, telling the user to “calm down”, “relax”, this is happening only in weak signal areas and Apple is working to solve this small issue soon.

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