Apple iAd CompromiseTechnology is a fully integrated feature of peoples everyday lives and some of the largest names in gadgets this day is Apple and Google. Often times consumers only see Apple and Google (or Android actually) battling it out for the top smart phone, however there is another war that is being waged between the two that goes unnoticed by consumers; ads.

You see, on top of making a massive profit off of the devices that they sell, these companies also integrate ads into their apps and other features of the devices so that they can generate more revenue. Advertising companies understand the value of being exposed to such a large group of people so they will often pay an arm and a leg to get in on the advertising programs for mobile devices.

So what exactly is the war going on you ask? Well, Apple decided to up the prices that advertisers had to pay to be included on their devices while other companies, such as Google, kept the fees that advertisers had to pay rather reasonable.

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