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OnePlus 2 is now official: Snapdragon 810, Fingerprint sensor and 4 GB of RAM for under $400

OnePlus 2Last year, an unknown start-up from China release a smartphone that had specs to challenge Samsung and Apple’s flagship models. OnePlus released the OnePlus 1 with the aim of selling 30,000 handsets. Instead, 1.5 million OnePlus 1 smartphones were sold across the world. Many have been wondering what will come next and find out if the OnePlus 1 was a one hit wonder or was a serious competitor to Apple, Samsung and other smartphone makers. The OnePlus 2 is the new model for the company, and there were many rumours and possible leaks of what the smartphone will look like and contain inside.

The OnePlus 2 is an android based smartphone, using the Lollipop version as its OS. The previous model used Cyanogen as its modified Android OS, but issues have cause OnePlus to use the Oxygen OS. This is still very similar to the standard Android OS most people are used to, but with more customizable features and less bloatware

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Rumour has it: OnePlus 2

OnePlus 2 TenaaIt’s helpful to have a smartphone with powerful specs inside it. Not because of the power, but due to it being compatible with new apps being released or to take advantage of new features added to OS updates. The cost of having the latest flagship model Android or Apple smartphone is usually not worth the upgrade. As said, having a powerful smartphone is helpful but it isn’t required.

Last year, OnePlus, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer released a smartphone that wasn’t expected, the OnePlus One. This smartphone packed with powerful technology and was priced at a low $299. This year, rumours have gone around about a new model that’s planned for release this month, the OnePlus 2.

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