Lenovo Yoga 2 ProLenovo has unveiled a series of products at the Berlin IFA 2013 electronics show this morning, including two new additions to their popular Yoga series, the Yoga Pro 2 and the ThinkPad Yoga.

In an industry currently going through some major growing pains as it tries to adapt to the new needs of consumers, Lenovo has been doing surprisingly well. Convinced that laptops are dying and that PC’s have long since lost their appeal, they have been attempting to create intermediary devices that are more portable but still have the wider applications of the products that came before them.

One of the main ways they have been doing this is by making tablet/laptop hybrids that are lightweight and have swinging hinges that create a stand while also offering a keyboard. Turning it into both a touch screen, standing tablet and a basic laptop style computer.

The Yoga 2 Pro and ThinkPad Yoga use the same format. But it is the Yoga 2 that has the real stand out features that sets it apart from any of its predecessors.

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