Sony Xperia PWe caught of glimpse of Sony’s WhiteMagic display at MWC 2012. It was embedded in their Xperia P, which was a nearly identical but small knockoff of the Xperia S. The WhiteMagic refers to an extra white line of pixels added to the good old RGB. How do this work? Text is sharper and visuals are better in sunlight. Also, the viewing angle was much wider and the contrast sharper.

This phone is stuck on Android 2.3.7 and won’t get hit with Android 4.0 until the second quarter. Also, you are chained to Sony’s extensive customizations, which is a grave disappointment. From Sony’s side it’s a good thing, because you have their hooks in you by being directly plugged into their content services. However, the camera is instantaneous. The shot you take when the camera’s in sleep mode takes only one second.

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