Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750Yesterday, November 1 2010, Logitech Innovations announced their first “Light” powered product, The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750. We are guessing that people at Logitech are taking the “Green revolution” pretty seriously!

Logitech calls this keyboard “Gift from the future” with a cheesy grin on its face as the product uses the naturally available and most abundant form of renewable energy: you guessed it, the Sunlight. At just 1/3 inch thick, the keyboard looks elegantly stylish. The edges are rounded with a smooth finish and the entire body has a black glossy finish at the front plate and a white matte at the back panel, adding to the looks. The keys used are Logitech incurve concept that has inner depth to comfortably seat your fingertips as you type. There are two solar panels on top portion of the keyboard that readily and effectively charge the device under any available light, indoor light sources inclusive.

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