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New Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15002 Released

  • 10/01/2017 at 23:35 by It's a Gadget Staff
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Windows 10 Preview Build 15002Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15002 has been released for PC. Microsoft has included a host of new features and improvements.

Windows 10 Begins with the Start Menu

The changes to the smart menu include: Tile folders; Updated sharing experience with a focus on apps and integration; OneNote’s Screenshot feature has been moved to Windows 10; Support for high-DPI desktop apps has been enhanced; Windows resize smoother; A cleaner desktop with better placement and scale; VPN access made easier; Access multiple accounts easier; Lunar Calendar Support; Better notifications for developers and everyday users.

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CES 2017: Dell unveils Canvas 27-inch Workspace Device and stunning UP3218K 32-inch 8K Monitor

Dell CanvasAt CES 2017, Dell has let loose with two exciting and innovative new devices. For the artist, Dell has its new Canvas. For those who need the best graphics possible, Dell’s 8K monitor will blow you away.

Dell’s Canvas isn’t an all-in-one like Microsoft’s Surface Studio. The Canvas was created as an external monitor to allow creatives easier use of digital devices. Like a paper work pad or canvas, the gadget sits on a desk (Or a stand, if you’d prefer).

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Top 5 most exciting Microsoft announcements from today’s event

Windows 10 VRMicrosoft held their fall event today, a highly anticipated one where many of us have been waiting to see if the rumors floating around about the company will be validated. Several of them were, along with a couple of surprise reveals.

Here are the five biggest announcements the company made.

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NuAns NEO – An Elegant Windows 10 Phone

Nuans NeoNuAns NEO Windows 10 smartphone does something that Microsoft wasn’t able to do – Create a Windows-based phone that’s actually interesting. NuAns NEO first appeared at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Trade Show in Las Vegas. The smartphone got a lot of attention for its design.

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Windows 10 anniversary update is coming on August 2

  • 02/07/2016 at 16:29 by It's a Gadget Staff
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Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary UpdateMicrosoft has announced their next major release, an anniversary update of their Windows 10 platform that brings some of the goodies they’ve been hyping into the mainstream.

The company hasn’t pushed anything as hard as they have pushed Windows 10, allegedly the last operating platform they are ever going to release. They are so gung ho about everyone of their customers making the switch that they have offered it for free for the past year. It will remain a free upgrade until July 29, when new customers will have to either pay for a copy, or purchase a new device running it stock.

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Samsung Tab Pro S Tablet, the toughest Surface opponent

  • 08/04/2016 at 23:06 by It's a Gadget Staff
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Samsung Tab Pro S TabletSamsung Tab Pro S tablet was designed to take on Apple’s iPad Pro and Microsoft’s Surface Pro. Unlike Samsung’s previous tablets, the Tab S Pro uses Windows 10 as its operating System. The Tab Pro S isn’t the tablet to remove the need for a desktop. It does, however, show that Samsung wants to be a major player in the race for the ultimate tablet.

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Windows 10 Anniversary Update cool features

Windows 10 Anniversary UpdateBuild 2016 kicked off this week with Microsoft’s with one of the biggest news: Windows 10 anniversary update announcement. Whatever you feel about Windows 10, whether you like it or not, the operating system is here and has Microsoft’s full support behind it. Windows 10 is on 270 million active Windows devices, with more than 75 billions hours of use and ended up on more devices quicker than Windows 7 by 145%.

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