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Field trials for Verizon’s world’s first 5G network

  • 11/09/2015 at 03:55 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Technology

VerizonVerizon has started field testing its new 5G technology. 5G is the next generation for mobile device connectivity and will replace 4G networks over time. 5G was the original due date of 5G networks, according to the industry. Verizon has other plans and wants to see its 5G network being available for users beginning in 2017. The Verizon network will be the world’s first 5G network and has speeds capable of moving data around faster.

Roger Gurnani is the chief information and technology architect for Verizon. Gurnani believes the future is beyond his description in terms of possibilities. He calls the 5G network one of those disruptive products and services where the potential is beyond imagination. The speed tests done so far have shown that Verizon’s 5G network is 30 to 50 times faster than the current 4G network. It is also faster than Google Fibre, which is connected by cables to the home.

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Why Verizon purchases AOL in a huge media deal

  • 12/05/2015 at 23:26 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • News

VerizonAOL has been off the radar for awhile, despite multiple attempts at reinvention. Now, they will likely finally make a comeback thanks to a deal with Verizon, one of the largest mobile providers in the world. Verizon will be purchasing AOL in full for $4.4 billion.

The basis behind the deal appears to be an attempt to step into mobile content and marketing, a natural area of interest for the major mobile service and product provider.

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Verizon and Motorola show off the Droid Turbo

Verizon Motorola Droid TurboWe are finally seeking the Droid Ultra replacement that has been the source of leaks for months, the Droid Turbo. It is the latest collaboration between Verizon and Motorola, and the latest in the wider Droid line.

The Turbo has been a cause for speculation for quite some time. Being one of the more popular Verizon based lines out there, fans were interested to see what was next after the success of the Ultra. After leaks confirmed a real boost in specs and capabilities, rumors started flying.

As it turns out, the excitement was pretty well placed.

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Tech giants rush to announce new devices over the next weeks

Tech EyeFrom now until the end of September many of the big powerhouses in mobile technology are preparing to open up their doors to let us have a glance at what they’ve been developing all year. We’re all getting a front row seat to what is about to be released for the holiday season and there are some big changes on the horizon. Once upon a time these announcements were for products that would be available 6 months out or even further but with Apple’s keynotes taking the center stage to success all of these products will be ready to order within 24 hours of the announcement. While most of these will be pre-orders the shipment times are almost never that far out these days and for everyone who is looking forward to a piece of tech from their favorite vendor it’s time to ready your pocketbooks on what may be about to come.

Samsung is kicking off the announcements with the only major event that takes place in August. On August 29th they will be holding their Unpacked event in Berlin which is going to be showcasing “something” from Samsung Mobile. The rumor mill has it as the over sized Galaxy Note II though with the painful lawsuit they just had to go through with Apple I’m unsure if a single product is all that we’ll be seeing from them. They need some positive press so I would expect a few extra hints of things to come.

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Verizon is offering Nokia Windows 8 Phones this Year

Nokia Lumia 900 BlackVerizon hasn’t been offering Microsoft mobile devices for quite sometime now. In fact, if you were looking for a Microsoft mobile device after May of 2011 you would pretty much have been out of luck as they pulled all Microsoft brands from their inventory at that time. While Windows Mobile has been offered through Verizon’s top competitor, AT&T, there has been a noticeable absence of Microsoft devices available or even usable on Verizon’s network. Finally though the two companies seem to have worked out a new agreement that will allow them to move forward with a new device – Nokia’s flagship Lumia line.

There is a huge Lumia product announcement set for September 5th to discuss Nokia’s Lumia brand and the future of Windows 8 phones and I’m sure there will be at least a brief mention of this at that point. I’m sure the timing on this is no coincidence that it is being announced before the next iteration of the iPhone and will hopefully get the notice that it deserves if all of the specs and early previews on the device prove to be true.

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Clear unveiled their latest USB Modem: Stick Atlas 4G

  • 09/03/2012 at 05:03 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Technology

CLEAR Stick Atlas 4GJust about 16 years ago, I remember hearing the distinctive sound made by my computer whenever it was connecting to the Internet. Undoubtedly, things have changed drastically to the point where you don’t even need to be at home to access the Internet, much less use a cable or wire to check your personal email.

Among the leading wireless Internet providers you will find Clearwire – best known as just Clear.  Today they have made the announcement of their newest device: the Stick Atlas, which is a USB modem just like the other devices offered by the company. The main difference is that it’s the first modem in the United States that can provide the consumer with immediate connection without having to update or install any type of software.

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Motorola Droid Xyboard Tablets available in stores from December 12th

Motorola DROID XYBOARD TabletYour wait is up. Verizon has come through with the DROID Xyboards. The DROID Xyboard Tablets are already available online and are set to be released in stores, according to the plan publicized by Verizon. Verizon has developed a pattern for releasing in store three days after what has been released exclusively online ahead of time. Their press release announced the availability in stores December 12th, as expected.

Verizon calls it as if it were merely a single tablet. However, there are a few varying configurations to select from. Take for example the 8.2-inch tablet that comes with either 16G or 32G, as opposed to the 10.1-inch with 16G, 32G, or 64G. There really are five different tablets. The 10-inch tablets will cost $530, $630, and $730, respectively. The 8.2-inch tablets will run you $430 and $530, respectively. All of the tablets, though, will require you sign a two-year contract, to secure them at these prices. You must also buy a data plan that starts at $30 for 2G per month.

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