HP Touchsmart 610The HP Touchsmart 610 Consumer PC and HP Touchsmart 9300 Business PC are two desktop PCs from HP which feature a reclining hinge which will let you recline the monitor up to 60 degrees giving you the capability to comfortably use the touchscreen display.

Unlike the all big competitors in the market, HP has chosen to take a new path and besides tablets and laptops they have paid some attention to the desktop market also. From the names it’s obvious that they are targeting two kinds of consumers, the home users and the business users by varying some features in the two models.

The desktop PC as a whole looks like an ordinary one with a 23 inch LED backlit LCD display till the monitor is tilted. The magic begins when you recline it to a comfortable position and start the touch interaction. Both the devices feature Blu-ray drive, dual microphone and SD card reader, but there will be some difference in the two models in case of specs.

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