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Tim Cook talks iPhone 6 and changing Apple’s focus

Tim Cook AppleTim Cook took part in an interesting interview with Bloomberg Business, where he talks about the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus release, the way they have changed Apple since the death of his predecessor, and more.

When Steve Jobs passed, everyone knew that Cook would take the reigns. But there was a lot of speculation about how that would change the company, and what aspects of the brand image might shift under the influence of a new mind.

The truth is, Jobs was sick for awhile before he passed. So Cook was already well involved in running things, and the collaborative nature of the company encouraged more than the vision of a single man.

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Jonathan Ive Talks Apple design and philosophy in new interview

  • 17/06/2014 at 00:44 by It's a Gadget Staff
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Jonathan IveApple’s Jonathan Ive has been released from his box to talk about the design process at Apple, and how their focus now is the same as it was when the late Steve Jobs was at the helm.

Jony Ives is very rarely seen giving interviews. In fact, he is very rarely seen period. The head of design is private and stays out of the limelight, despite his very important position at the company.

When he does show up for a discussion it tends to get a lot of attention as a consequence. Luckily, what he has to say is always interesting and informative. This latest talk was no exception.

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Why Apple decided to share their $98 Billion Wealth

Apple MoneySomething that hasn’t happened since 1995 was announced by the one of the biggest companies in the world. Apple will begin paying out dividends in July at $2.65 a share. The following fiscal year they will be buying back up to $10 billion and this is all under Cook’s supervision, which seems to come with a different idea than the late Steve Jobs.

It’s really no surprise that Apple Inc. has managed to accrue so much wealth over the years. With their latest addition to their portfolio – the new iPad – they have already sold more than 3 million devices, making them a best-seller in the first weekend it was out.

Being that that Cook has held the spot at CEO for less than a year, many have stated that a new type of management is coming to the company. Without doubt, the pay out of dividends is very different than what Steve Jobs did during his time, especially because he said capital preservation was essential for Apple.

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Apple’s iPhone 5 Keynote from October 4 should be the Biggest Event of this Year

Apple iPhone 5 Rumoured DesignIt is coming sooner than you think. The next iPhone will be unveiled on October 4th, so we’ve heard. Rumors are flying back and forth regarding the precise date, not to mention the features of the latest iPhone. Although the date has been a moving target, AllThingsD, the Wall Street Journal website pinned it down and many believe this is now a fairly certain time. It is likely Apple will also have the iPhone ready for purchase only a few weeks after the official keynote. We sure hope so.

Certainly the iPhone 5 itself is the reason enough to attend, but this historic event has far more significance for the company than any single product. With the leaving of the ever popular Steve Jobs, Apple is undergoing a transfer of power unparalleled in the history of the industry. Whether its value can withstand, this transition will be seen over the long haul. Right now we are all eager to see whether Tim Cook can fill the shoes of the charismatic leader that has stepped down.

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Steve Jobs’ Resignation from Apple is for Real This Time

Apple Steve JobsLast week, Steve Jobs, 56, has officially resigned from Apple, the 35-year old company he helped found. The world was shocked by the timing, though we had all expected it to come eventually, just not at the peak of Apple’s success. There is something to be said for getting out while on top, though.

This is not the first time we have seen Steve leave. The first time was back in 1985. He started NeXt Computers at that time, which was a disaster as far as his main vision was concerned, namely creating a new competition to Mac – more expensive and based on Unix.

In 1997 he was brought back on board at Apple and he brought the overhauled NeXT, a software R&D firm, that would be integrated into Apple and give rise to the Mac OSX. It is quite likely that without those twelve disappointing years Jobs would not have developed into the leader he needed to be to take Apple to world dominance within 14 years.

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