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New Amazon Echo Show to give free calls, among other features

  • 09/05/2017 at 23:07 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Technology

Amazon Echo ShowThe Amazon Echo has been one of the more popular smarthome devices released over the last few years. Now the company hopes the latest incarnation will make up for what the short-lived smartphone under their brand lacked.

With the Fire phone, there just wasn’t enough traction to ever get a phone service off the ground for the massive online retailer. The Amazon Echo could be a better bet, as it allows for the expanded capabilities of their smarthome flagship. Free calls is enticing, especially with the Echo Show as the latest version, providing a 7″ high definition screen.

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Facebook isn’t about to fail, you guys

  • 23/02/2017 at 00:53 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Technology

Facebook is ClutteredI have read several editorials and blog posts over the past several months involving Facebook. One of the presiding claims is that the social media world is due for another shakeup, and Facebook will be the empire that falls. But I don’t think that is true at all.

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Trump’s future immigration demands could hurt tech, alongside everything else

  • 31/01/2017 at 01:02 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • News

Tech EyeDonald Trump’s shocking ban on immigration is leading some experts to speculate that an impeachment could be on its way after only weeks in office. But it is not just politics, immigration, and world image that is being impacted by this radical policy. It could be hitting the technology industry in ways most wouldn’t expect.

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Kickstarter project David promises “next gen 3D printing”

  • 14/09/2014 at 19:43 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Technology

Kickstarter David 3D PrintingRight now, 3D printing, while not in its infancy any longer, is still somewhere around its toddler years. Despite that, a new Kickstarter project by the name of gaming is already promising its “next generation”.

What makes this 3D printer different from others is that it doesn’t rely on simple filament. Instead, it utilizes multiple pelletized materials, creating a new means of production that could potentially revolutionize this already exciting step in technology.

They call it Fused Layer Extrusion (FLEX), their response to a lack of any multiple material 3D printers on the market. According to them, the use of more materials means better prints, which means more applications to the technology. A sound argument, and a wonderful development if their prototypes are all they are hyping them to be.

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AllSeen Alliance looks to standardize framework for all devices

  • 10/12/2013 at 20:14 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Technology

Allseen AllianceAnyone who has ever been frustrated by the lack of compatibility between technology products can now rest easy knowing those same brands are on the case. AllSeen Alliance is a group of tech companies that are banding together to create an open source framework that makes their smart TVs, phones, computers and other devices inter-compatible.

The internet should make things more connected, not further apart. At least that is the idea behind AllSeen Alliance, headed largely by Qualcomm. Under the Linux banner, they are bringing together twenty four names in the gadget biz to start the work on a common online framework.

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IBM released their 5 in 5 Technology Report for the next 5 Years

  • 22/12/2011 at 04:01 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Technology

IBM HeadquartersThe fact that technology is advancing at such a rapid rate is a true testament to human ingenuity. The speed at which we are being propelled through this rabbit hole however is both astounding and frightening. Take a look back to about five years ago and think about what technology was like then. Heck, even about one or two years back you can still see major advances. So what does the future look like? Well IBM has predicted it for us so let’s have a look!

According to IBM in the next five years we will see the current budding technology explode into something that has a significant impact on our daily lives. These predictions were delivered in IBM’s annual “5 in 5” report which describes five different technologies that, according to IBM, have the potential to change our lives.

So whats on the list?

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Google’s Top Secret Lab is Working on 100 New Projects

Google FoundersGoogle is the top search engine on the Internet and is loved by many. Not only does Google participate in multiple philanthropic events and charities, but Google consistently provides innovative products and quality content. Here recently Google has been attracting a significant amount of interest about their new research facility called Google X.

If you’ve ever wondered when there will be elevators sent into space, cars that drive themselves, robots that assist people with mundane daily activities and more futuristic ideas, then you are thinking along the lines of the engineers that are working at Google X’s top secret lab.

The Google X lab is located somewhere in the Bay Area location and is almost as mysterious as the CIA! At the lab Google is working on a list of 100 futuristic ideas to develop. Some ideas include fridges that are connected to the Internet and so it can order groceries when necessary items run low, elevators that go up into space, robots that do tasks for you, and even dinner plates that post what you’re eating on your status updates.

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