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Sources confirm that Steve Ballmer was pushed out by investors

  • 26/08/2013 at 19:38 by It's a Gadget Staff
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Steve BallmerLast week we covered the story about Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer announcing his retirement. In that post there was some speculation that the controversial CEO was forced out of his position by members of the board of shareholders. It turns out that was exactly what happened.

According to sources at the company, Ballmer’s departure was a sudden move taken by dissatisfied investors who have been watching his tactics fail with the company.

From what was said, he had originally intended to retire within the next couple of years. But there was no set date, and he had planned to see through the major restructuring occurring at Microsoft. But the nine member board of directors, which includes founder Bill Gates, decided he didn’t need that time and that he should leave much sooner than expected. Namely, as soon as was possible.

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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced his retirement

  • 23/08/2013 at 18:48 by It's a Gadget Staff
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Microsoft Steve BallmerSteve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft and an often controversial leader at that, has announced that he will be retiring within the next twelve months.

The announcement came from two memos posted on the official Microsoft announcement page this morning, one written by PR and the other by Ballmer himself.

In his own release, the CEO explained that he felt the company needed a leader that would be there for the long haul through their transition into a more device focused business plan.

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Microsoft’s reorganisation will enable innovation and focus on devices and services

Microsoft Steve BallmerMost tech companies that go beyond the startup phase will begin to break off into departments that have their own mission statement.

When a company gets as big as Microsoft, you will have dozens of departments with an even larger number of strategies as they work on their own projects. But that is something that is going to change now, according to an email sent to all employees and posted on Microsoft News Blog.

The email details the reorganization of the entire company to fit a new policy. It is called One Microsoft, and it will work to entirely integrate the different departments of the company into a singular force.

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