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T-Mobile and Sprint will merge to create competition for 5G network

T-Mobile StoreT-Mobile and Sprint are looking to merge and are looking to capitalise their combined markets to create a nationwide 5G network. The 5G network is the next generation of mobile internet with speeds of between 15x to 100x faster than 4G networks.

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Wiretapping lawsuit against Phone manufacturers

WiretappingMillions of Americans were tapped secretly by a nefarious software company, and with the aid of Samsung and HTC. The controversy is a tornado twisting about Carrier IQ. This company loaded tracking software on consumers’ mobile phones, which has sparked two lawsuits to start with.

The plaintiffs filed the suit on Thursday against Carrier IQ, Samsung, and HTC, claiming the companies failed to adhere to a federal statute banning wiretapping.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are being sought through the class action lawsuits. The plaintiffs filed them in the Chicago and St. Louis courts to win restitution for Americans whose phones had been loaded with the software in question. The basis for these suits is the Federal Wiretap Act. The penalty is $100 daily for each count, violating the ban on “intercepting oral, wire and electronic communications.”

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What Network Operator do you choose for your iPhone: Sprint, AT&T or Verizon?

Sprint iPhone 4SSprint has announced that their unlimited data plan will include iPhone 4S phone. Opting for such a popular device will surely bring more customers to Sprint network becouse of their relatively cheap rates. In comparison to AT&T and Verizon’s rates (which do not have an unlimited cap), the rate for an iPhone is simply amazing on Sprint.

To be more specific, Sprint has a plan that allows their customers to have an unlimited usage of voice, data and messaging for $99.99. Of course, they do offer discounted rates for lower-end usage, which include a $69.99 plan with 450 minutes and a mid-tier $89.99 plan with 900 minutes. And also all of the mentioned plans require a $10 Premium Data “add-on” to access Sprint’s Now Network.

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The first Android dual-touchscreen phone is called Sprint Kyocera Echo

Sprint Kyocera EchoHave you ever wanted to browse two websites at once? Or maybe scroll through image folders while viewing images they contain? Well, the time has come to fulfill your wishes as Sprint announces Kyocera Echo.

The foremost wireless 4G service provider from a national carrier in the United States, Sprint Nextel, and the leading supplier of telecommunications equipment and electronic components, Kyocera Communications Inc., announced on February 07, 2011 the first dual-touchscreen Android smartphone, Kyocera Echo.

The thing that makes this phone so special and cool is that it’s endowed with two high-resolution 3.5-inch WVGA touchscreen displays connected by a patent-pending “pivot hinge” that enables this two displays to operate independently, side-by-side or combined to form an oversized 4.7-inch (diagonally) integrated display.

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HTC EVO Shift 4G will be announced at CES 2011 on January 9th

HTC Evo Shift 4G QWERTYOn January 4th HTC announced the release of a big product, EVO Shift 4G and this long awaited device will be available in the stores from 9 January. We all know what this date means, because it’s the last day of the Consumer Electronics Show(CES) 2011 and the EVO Shift 4G is going to be their last present to the consumers.

This successor of EVO 4G is a bit thicker than its predecessor because it features a comfortable slide out full QWERTY keyboard. The screen size is also reduced to 3.6 inches. Other significant characteristics of this device includes a 5 megapixel camera, absence of a front camera and 2.2 version (Froyo) of Android about which no announcement of updates has been made.

Till this date a lots of leaks have been found about this phone and after the official announcement made by the officials it seems that the leaks were quite accurate.

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HTC Evo is the first phone that reaches 4G level

HTC Evo 4G
CTIA Wireless Convention 2010 is hold these days in Las Vegas at the Convention Center and an important announcement has been made: Sprint presented the first 4G phone, HTC Evo.

As we supposed, the mobile phone is an Android based model and the specifications are top-notch.

Let’s begin the top-notch features with the display: a 4.3-inches TFT touchscreen with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. The display features pinch-to-zoom and tactile feedback.

The processor is a 1Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon(QSD8650) and the operating system is, at least now, Android v2.1. The internal memory has: 1GB ROM and 512MB RAM. Phone will ship with a 8Gb microSD card and supports up to 32Gb(microSD cards).

At the back an 8 megapixel camera with autofocus and double led flash will help you to forget the digital camera devices, because it is capable of even shooting HD videos at 720p. To complete this, a HDMI port is available in case you want to watch the media content on higher resolution devices. Also, a 1.3 megapixel camera is near the display.

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Sprint presents Samsung Moment

samsung_momentSamsung Moment is the newest model released by Sprint Usa(T-Mobile division) which features Google Android and a full QWERY sliding keyboard. It seems Google catches more and more phones with his new Android operating system and Samsung is not the first or the last operator that will start to use it.

The new Samsung device comes with a 3.2 inch Amoled touch-screen with proximity sensor and accelerometer. Under it there are the following usual buttons, Home, Menu, Back, Call, End Call and an optical pad right in the center.

Sliding the phone to the right side will unveil the full QWERTY keyboard. Same as N97, keys seem very easy to type on and ergonomic. You have function key and a special row for the numeric ones as a bonus.

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