Google PlusGoogle+ is still not liked and now Google’s pouting about it. Their social networking product, Google+, has fallen into the mud, face first. The only thing worse is that no one’s laughing, no one even cares.

Google made vain attempts to bolster public perspective of Google+ by limiting it to invitation only accounts. While people were curious, their curiosity was only out of incredulity. They did not believe Google would be capable of creating a product that would appeal to the masses and adequately compete with Facebook. They were right.

Flailing about to save the pitiful go at a social networking product, Google opened it up to all. On September 20th they opened it up and in one day there was a spike of 1200% in membership. It was just that curiosity that drove them there and the product was so horrible that since then, 60% of its active members have jumped ship.

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