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OnePlus 5 attempts to corner under $500 smartphone market

OnePlus 5The OnePlus 5 is the latest smartphone release that is looking to corner the largely unrepresented market for devices under $500. But they still manage to pack a lot of power and features into their handset.

OnePlus 5 Tech Specs

It isn’t the most powerful phone out there, but for the price it is hard to beat. Under the hood there is a 2.45 GHz Snapdragon 835 processor, which places it in the running with much more expensive devices. It holds a whopping 6GB of RAM, which is going to be a huge draw for those who have been looking to go 4 GB+ for the performance.

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Kyocera DuraForce Pro: The Smartphone/Action Cam Hybrid

Kyocera DuraForce ProHave you ever wished you could record yourself cave diving with your smartphone? Now you can, with the more rugged, durable Kyocera DuraForce Pro. Not only is it able to withstand some pretty tough conditions, but it is equipped with a wide-angle action camera that shoots in high definition.

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Blackberry unveiled DTEK50 Android security phone

Blackberry DTEK50Blackberry has spent the last several years struggling for global relevance in the shadow of sleeker, more trendy brands. But now they have gone back to what they know best, focusing on security features instead being the funnest toy on the market. Meet the Blackberry DTEK50.

Greater Privacy and Security, In A Smaller Package

The primary reason to get a Blackberry has always been their dedication to security and privacy. The DTEK50 is a testament to that continued effort. It provides state of the art anti-hacking protections, as well as offers complete control about how your content is viewed, shared, and stored.

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Sirin Labs’ Solarin smartphone: $16k privacy device

Sirin Solarin SmartphoneLondon was home to a new phone unveiling today. Sirin Labs showed off Solarin, a privacy-centric smartphone with the astonishing price tag of $16,000.

Already you have probably done a couple of double-takes. A phone that costs $16,000? How could they justify that price? In a rather hyped launch presentation today on a stage in the UK, the creators of the Android device did their best.

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Samsung announces Galaxy K Zoom, a hybrid Camera-SmartPhone device

Samsung Galaxy K ZoomSamsung has released details on its latest in the Galaxy Zoom line, a device that blends the traditional features of a digital camera with their patented smartphone Galaxy series.

We talked about the Galaxy S4 Zoom last year, a unique smartphone that directly tied the device in with a zoom-lens style digital camera in the back. Now Samsung is releasing the next in that line with the K Zoom following a number of now-confirmed rumors that have been circulating for weeks.

Like they often do, the brand has sought to push the boundaries of features and capabilities. The K Zoom is a much morre powerful version of its predecessor, at least on the camera side.

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OnePlus One smartphone finally hits the market this May at $299

OnePlus OneAfter months of hype about the coming mobile device, OnePlus One smartphone has finally been revealed at a $299 price that sets it squarely within the domain of other high-range smartphones it is taking on.

The OnePlus One has been gaining a great deal of interest since rumors first began to fly. Of course, many worried that the final product wouldn’t be worth the whispers and excitement. Luckily, that worry appears to be unfounded. The One SmartPhone has been revealed in all its glory, and it is a surprising addition into the middle priced market.

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Rumour has it: Amazon Smartphone might feature a 3D user interface

Amazon 3D SmartphoneAmazon has been developing their own smartphone for years, but for the first time we actually get to catch a peek at it, thanks to an exclusive report from BGR.

The massive online market has come a long way since their creation. In the beginning, Amazon was a company all about selling new and used books. Since then they have managed to wriggle their way into most industries, including consumer tech.

With the successful launch of the Kindle Fire, they have already taken a share of the media-focused tablet market, while with the Kindle proper, they have already made themselves stalwarts in the e-reader market, years ago.

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